Regehr Agrees to Waive NTC According to TSN

The drama with Calgary is over. Robyn Regehr agreed to waive his NTC early this morning according to TSN.  TSN also reports Ales Kotalik will go to Buffalo with Paul Byron and Chris Butler going to Calgary. If true the deal would add roughly $7 million in salary to the Sabres’ roster (4 for Regehr, 3 for Kotalik).  Regehr will be a welcome addition but I do wonder why Kotalik is being brought back.  Kotalk is an expensive $3 million hit considering how ineffective he has been in the NHL since 2008.  He’s struggled with injuries, work ethic, the ability to produce.  Most likely the Flames wanted to shed cap space and this was the price of it.  The Sabres could do what the Flames did with Kotalk and put him in the AHL to avoid the cap hit.

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