Date Trade
6/10/1970 Tom Webster to Detroit for Roger Crozier
10/2/1970 Craig Cameron to St. Louis for Ron Anderson
10/19/1970 Bill Sutherland to St. Louis for Future Consideration
11/4/1970 Bob Baun to St. Louis for Jean-Guy Talbot and Larry Keenan
11/25/1970 Mike McMahon to Los Angeles for Eddie Shack and Dick Duff
1/24/1971 Jean-Guy Legace to Pittsburgh for Terry Ball
5/25/1971 Joe Daley to Detroit for Don Luce and Mike Robitaille
11/16/1971 Larry Keenan to Philadelphia for Larry Mickey
12/16/1971 Doug Barrie and Mike Keeler to Los Angeles for Mike Byers and Larry Hillman
1/14/1972 Traded a 2nd round draft pick in 1972 entry draft (Larry Sacharuk) to NY Rangers for Jim Lorentz
3/4/1972 Eddie Shack to Pittsburgh for Rene Robert
3/5/1972 Chris Evans to St. Louis for George Morrison and a 2nd round draft pick in 1972 draft (Larry Carriere)
3/14/1973 Butch Deadmarsh to Atlanta for Norm Gratton
6/14/1973 Jake Rathwell to St. Louis for Paul Curtis
12/27/1973 Tracy Pratt and John Gould to Vancouver for Jerry Korab
1/21/1974 Paul Curtis to NY Rangers for Real Lemieux
3/10/1974 Doug Rombough to NY Islanders for Brian Spencer
10/14/1974 Gerry Meehan and Mike Robitaille to Vancouver for Jocelyn Guevremont and
Bryan McSheffrey
1/27/1975 Norm Gratton and a 1976 3rd round draft pick (Ron Zanussi) to Minnesota
for Fred Stanfield
3/3/1975 Garry Lariviere, 3rd round pick (Hector Marini) to NY Islanders for Gerry Desjardins
6/1/1975 James MacMasters To Flames For Flames 3rd Rd 1975 (Terry Martin)
10/1/1975 Larry Carriere, a 1976 1st round pick (Greg Carroll) and cash to Atlanta for Jacques Richard
6/11/1976 Peter McNab to Boston for Andre Savard
9/20/1977 Brian Spencer to Pittsburgh for Ron Schock
2/6/1979 Gary McAdam to Pittsburgh for Dave Schultz
3/3/1979 Jocelyn Guevremont to NY Rangers for 1979 3rd round draft pick (Jacques Cloutier) and a 1980 3rd round draft pick (Sean McKenna)
10/5/1979 Rene Robert to Colorado for John Van Boxmeer
11/13/1979 Alex Tidey to Edmonton for John Gould
3/10/1980 Jerry Korab to Los Angeles for 1982 1st round draft pick (Phil Housley)
10/30/1980 Bill Stewart to St. Louis for Bob Hess and a 1981 4th round draft pick (Andreas Wickenberg)
3/10/1981 Rick Martin to Los Angeles for 1981 3rd round pick (Colin Chisholm) 1983 1st round draft pick (Tom Barrasso)
3/10/1981 Don Luce to Los Angeles for a 1982 6th round pick (Jeff Parker) and cash
12/2/1981 Danny Gare, Jim Schoenfeld and Derek Smith to Detroit for Mike Foligno, Dale McCourt, and Brent Peterson
12/2/1981 Bob Sauve to Detroit for Conditional Draft pick (Bob Sauve was returned and the deal voided at the end of the season)
6/9/1982 Alan Haworth and a 1982 3rd round draft pick (Milan Novy) to Washington for
1982 2nd and 4th round draft picks (Mike Anderson & Timo Jutila)
6/9/1982 Don Edwards, Richie Dunn, 1982 2nd round draft pick (Rich Kromm) and a 1983 1st round draft pick (Dan Quinn) to Calgary for 1982 and 1983 1st and 2nd round draft picks (1982: Paul Cyr and Jens Johansson) (1983: Norm LaCombe and John Tucker)
6/9/1982 1982 12th round draft pick (Marco Callas) to Washington for 1983 12tth round draft pick (Kermit Salfi)
6/6/1983 Tony McKegney, Andre Savard, J.F. Sauve and a 3rd round pick in 1983 (Iirvo Jarvi) to Quebec for Real Cloutier and a first round pick in 1983 (Adam Creighton)
12/6/1984 Steve Patrick and Jim Wiemer to NY Rangers for Dave Maloney and Chris Renaud
10/4/1985 Randy Cunneyworth and Mike Moller to Pittsburgh for Pat Hughes
10/15/1985 Bob Sauve to Chicago for 1986 3rd round draft pick (Kevin Kerr)
1/30/1986 Larry Playfair, Sean McKenna and Ken Baumgartner to Los Angeles for Brian Engblom and Doug Smith
3/11/1986 1986 12th round draft pick to New Jersey for Phil Russell
4/22/1986 1987 3rd round pick (Ross Wilson) to Los Angeles for 1987 8th round draft pick
(Tim Roberts) and Future Considerations
6/21/1986 Gilles Hamel to Winnipeg for Scott Arniel
10/3/1986 Brian Engblom to Calgary for Jim Korn
10/7/1986 Ric Seiling to Detroit for Future Considerations
11/19/1986 1998 2nd round draft pick (Martin St. Amour) to Montreal for Tom Kurvers
3/6/1987 Norm Lacombe, the right to Wayne Van Dorp and 1987 4th round draft pick
(Peter Erikson) to Edmonton for Mark Napier, Lee Fogolin and a 1987
4th round draft pick (John Bradley)
3/22/1987 Jim Korn to New Jersey for Jan Ludvig
6/13/1987 Tom Kurvers to New Jersey for 1987 3rd round pick (Andrew MacVicar) and
1989 10th round pick (Mark Astley)
10/13/1987 Andy Ristau to Minnesota for 1988 6th round pick (David Di Vita)
12/31/1987 Paul Cyr and a 1988 10th round draft pick (Eric Fenton) to NY Rangers for
Mike Donnelly and 1988 5th round draft pick (Alexander Mogliny)
2/11/1988 Steve Dykstra and a 1989 7th round draft pick (Davis Payne) to Edmonton for
Scott Metcalfe and 1989 9th round draft pick (Donald Audette)
10/3/1988 1990 7th round draft pick (Pat Neaton) to Pittsburgh for Wayne Van Dorp
10/21/1988 Bob Logan and a 1989 9th round draft pick (Jim Giacin) to Los Angeles for Larry Playfair
11/12/1988 Tom Barrasso and a 1990 3rd round draft pick (Joe Dziedzic) to Pittsburgh for Doug Bodger and Darrin Shannon
12/26/1988 Adam Creighton and Future Considerations to Chicago for Rick Vaive and
Future Considerations
2/16/1989 Wanye Van Dorp to Chicago for 1990 7th round draft pick (Viktor Gordiouk)
3/6/1989 Calle Johansson and a 1989 2nd round draft pick (Byron Dafoe) to Washington
for Clint Malarchuk, Grant Ledyard and a 1991 6th round pick (Brian Holzinger)
3/7/1989 Lindy Ruff to NY Rangers for 1990 5th round draft pick (Richard Smehlik)
6/1/1989 Mark Ferner to Washington for Scott McCrory
6/17/1989 Joe Reekie to NY Islanders for 1989 6th round draft choice (Bill Pye)
10/4/1989 1991 4th round draft pick (Keth Redmond) to Los Angeles for Dean Kennedy
11/24/1989 Bob Halkidis and Future Considerations to Los Angeles for Dale DeGray and Future Considerations
11/29/1989 Jacques Cloutier and 1990 6th round draft pick (Derek Edgerly) to Chicago for
Steve Ludzik, and 1990 5th round draft pick (Todd Bojcun)
1/5/1990 John Tucker to Washington for Future Considerations
(Tucker was returned on 7/3/90 as the Future Considerations)
3/5/1990 Kevin Maguire and a 1990 2nd round draft pick (Mikael Renberg) to Philadelphia for
Jay Wells and a 1991 4th round draft pick (Peter Ambroziak)
6/16/1990 Phil Housley, Darrin Shannon and 1990 1st round pick (Keith Tkachuk) to Winnipeg for
Dale Hawerchuk and 1990 1st round pick (Brad May)
7/9/1990 Ray Sheppard to NY Rangers for cash and Future Considerations
9/30/1990 Shawn Anderson to Washington for Bill Houlder
9/30/1990 Mike Donnelly to Los Anglese for Mikko Makela
12/17/1990 Mike Foligno and a 1991 8th round draft pick (Thomas Kucharcik) to Toronto for Lou Franceschetti and Brian Curran
1/21/1991 John Tucker to NY Islanders for Future Considerations
2/4/1991 Future Considerations to Winnipeg for Greg Paslawski
3/5/1991 Rights to Ken Priestlay to Pittsburgh for Tony Tanti
3/5/1991 Future Considerations to Vancouver for Steve Weeks
3/26/1991 Darcy Wakaluk to Minnesota for 1991 8th round draft pick (Jiri Kuntos), 1992 5th round pick later sent to the Leafs for Dave Hannan
6/22/1991 1992 7th round draft pick (Artur Oktyabrev) to Winnipeg for Tom Draper
10/11/1991 Darrin Shannon, Dean Kennedy and Mike Hartman to Winnipeg for Dave McLlwain, Gord Donnelly, a 1992 5th round draft pick (Yuri Khmylev) and Future Considerations (Greg Paslawski)
10/24/1991 Future Considerations to Calgary for Colin Patterson
10/25/1991 Pierre Turgeon, Uwe Krupp, Beniot Hogue and Dave McLlwain to NY Islanders for Pat LaFontaine, Randy Wood and Randy Hillier, 1992 4th round pick (Dean Melanson)
3/9/1992 Jay Wells to NY Rangers for Randy Moller
3/9/1992 Dave Snuggerud to San Jose for Wayne Presley
3/10/1992 1992 5th Round Pick (from Wakaluk trade) to Leafs for Dave Hannan
3/10/1992 Kevin Haller to Montreal for Petr Svoboda
6/15/1992 Christian Ruuttu and Future Considerations to Winnipeg for Stephane Beaureguard
8/7/1992 Stephane Beauregard and a 1993 4th round draft pick to Chicago (Eric Daze) for Dominik Hasek
2/9/1993 Dave Andreychuk, Daren Puppa and a 1993 1st round pick (Kenny Jonsson) to Toronto for Grant Fuhr and a 1995 5th round draft pick (Kevin Popp)
3/22/1993 Mike Ramsey to Pittsburgh for Bob Errey
9/1/1993 Jozef Cierny and a 1994 4th round draft pick (Jossi Tarvainen) to Edmonton for Craig Simpson
9/30/1993 Tom Draper to NY Islander for 1994 7th round draft pick (Steve Plouffe)
10/27/1993 Keith Carney and 1995 6th round draft pick (Marc Magliarditi) to Chicago for Craig Muni and a 1995 5th round draft pick (Daniel Bienvenue)
12/15/1993 Gord Donnelly to Dallas for James Black and a 1994 7th round draft pick (Steve Webb)
7/8/1994 Future Considerations to Winnipeg for Kevin McClelland
7/26/1994 Sean O’Donnell to Los Angeles for Doug Houda
2/14/1995 Phillippe Boucher, Grant Fuhr and Denis Tsygurov to Los Angeles for Charlie Huddy, Robb Stauber, Alexei Zhitnik and 1995 5th round draft pick (Marian Menhart)
4/7/1995 Petr Svoboda to Philadephia for Garry Galley
4/7/1995 Ken Sutton to Edmonton for Scott Pearson
7/8/1995 Alexander Mogilny to Vancouver for Mike Wilson, Mike Peca and a 1995 1st round pick (Jay McKee)
11/16/1995 Doug Bodger to San Jose through Philadelphia for 1996 1st and 4th round draft picks (both later traded), prospects Vaclav Varada and Martin Spanhel
2/1/1996 1996 3rd round draft pick (Chris Allen) to Florida for Bob Boughner
2/15/1996 Craig Muni and a 1996 first round pick (Daniel Briere via Philly) to Winnipeg for Michal Grosek and Darryl Shannon
3/19/1996 Charlie Huddy and 1996 7th round draft pick (Daniel Corso) to St. Louis for Denis Hamel
3/20/1996 Yuri Khmylev and a 1996 8th round pick (Andrei Podkonicky) to St. Louis for Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre and a 1996 2nd round draft pick (Cory Sarich) and a 1997 3rd round pick (Maxim Afinogenov)
3/20/1996 Dave Hannan To Avalanche for a 1996 6th round pick (Darren Mortier)
3/18/1997 Barrie Moore and Craig Millar to Edmonton for Miroslav Satan
9/24/1997 1998 5th round draft pick (Robert Scuderi) to Pittsburgh for Jason Woolley
9/29/1997 Pat LaFontaine to NY Rangers for 1998 2nd round pick (Andrew Peters) and a conditional pick in the 2000 draft (5th round, not exercised)
11/12/1997 Andrei Trefilov to Chicago for undisclosed draft pick
2/4/1998 Brad May and a 1999 3rd round draft pick to Vancouver for Geoff Sanderson
3/24/1998 Jason Dawe to NY Islanders for Paul Kruse and Jason Holland
6/18/1998 Steve Shields and a 1998 4th round draft pick to San Jose for Kay Whitmore and a 1998 2nd (Jaroslav Kristek), 5th round draft pick (Expansion draft move)
12/19/1998 Donald Audette to Los Angeles for 1999 2nd round draft pick (Milan Bartovic)
3/11/1999 Matt Barnaby to Pittsburgh for Stu Barnes
3/23/1999 Alexei Tezikov to Washington for Joe Juneau and a 2000 4th round draft pick (Tim Preston) (Sabres 4th round pick sent later as compensation)
3/23/1999 Mike Wilson to Florida for Rhett Warrener and a 1999 5th round draft pick (Ryan Miller)
3/23/1999 Derek Plante to Dallas for 1999 2nd round draft pick (Michael Zigomanis)
1/24/2000 A 2000 8th round pick, and a 6th round pick in 2001 to Los Angeles for Vladimir Tsyplakov, 8th round pick in 2001 (Marek Dubec)
3/10/2000 Cory Sarich, Wayne Primeau, Brian Holzinger and a 2000 3rd round draft pick to
Tampa Bay for Chris Gratton and a 2001 2nd round draft pick (Derek Roy).
3/10/2000 Michal Grosek to Chicago for Doug Gilmour and Jean-Pierre Dumont
6/25/2000 A 2001 8th round pick to Calgary for a 2000 8th round pick (Sean McMorrow)
6/25/2000 7th and 9th Round picks in 2001 to Tampa Bay for a 7th round pick in 2000 (Paul Gaustad)
6/25/2000 A 2000 6th round pick (P Chvojka) to Montreal for a 5th round pick in 2001
6/25/2000 Matt Davidson, Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre traded to Columbus for past considerations (expansion draft move) along with the Sabres’ 2001 5th round pick, San Jose’s 2000 5th round pick (from the June 18, 1998 Shields trade)
10/6/2000 Sabres pick up Peter Skudra off waivers from the Boston Bruins
3/13/2001 3rd round pick in 2001 to Columbus for Steve Heinze
3/13/2001 Kamil Piros, 4th round pick in 2001 to Atlanta for Donald Audette
6/24/2001 2001 5th round pick (picked up from the Habs June 25, 2000) to San Jose for Sharks 5th round pick in 2001 (Michal Vondrka), 8th round compensatory pick 2001 (Calle Aslund), 9th round pick 2001 (Ryan Jorde)
6/24/2001 Michael Peca to NYI for C Tim Connolly and LW Taylor Pyatt.
7/1/2001 Dominik Hasek to Detroit for LW Vyacheslav Kozlov, a first-round pick in 2002 and future considerations
3/19/2002 5th round pick in 2002 draft to Atlanta for Bob Corkum
6/22/2002 30th pick overall in 2002 draft and rights to Mike Pandolfo to Columbus for the 20th pick overall in 2002 (Dan Paille)
6/22/2002 31st and 36th picks overall in the 2002 draft to Edmonton for Jochen Hecht.
6/22/2002 Vyacheslav Kozlov, 41st pick overall in 2002 to Atlanta for 31st and 82nd picks overall in the 2002 draft.
6/22/2002 88th overall pick in 2002 and a 2nd round pick in 2003 to Nashville for the 36th pick overall in the 2002 draft
7/24/2002 Erik Rasmussen to Los Angeles for Adam Mair and a 5th round pick in the 2003 entry draft.
11/16/2002 Jason Woolley to Detroit for future considerations.
2/25/2003 Vaclav Varada and a 5ht round pick in 2003 entry draft to Ottawa Senators for Jakub Klepis
3/10/2003 Stu Barnes to Dallas Stars for Mike Ryan and a 2nd round pick in 2003 entry draft
3/10/2003 Rob Ray to Ottawa Senators for future considerations
3/10/2003 Chris Gratton and a 4th round pick in 2004 entry draft to Phoenix Coyotes for Daniel Briere and a 3rd round pick in 2004
6/27/2003 Sabres trade a 3rd round pick in 2004 entry draft to Nashville Predators for defenseman Andy Delmore
7/3/2003 Sabres send Keith Ballard to Colorado for Steve Reinprecht. Sabres then trade Rhett Warrener and Steve Reinprecht to Calgary for Chris Drury and Steve Begin
3/8/2004 4th round pick in 2005 to Minnesota for defenseman Brad Brown and a 6th round pick in 2005.
3/9/2004 Jakub Klepis to Washington for Mike Grier
3/9/2004 Andy Delmore to San Jose for 9th round pick in 2004 entry draft.
3/9/2004 Curtis Brown to San Jose for Jeff Jillson
7/30/2005 6th round pick in 2006 NHL entry draft to the Washington Capitals in exchange for Tim Kennedy.
7/30/2005 74th overall selection in 2005 NHL entry draft to Calgary in exchange for the 87th and 96th overall picks in the 2005 NHL entry draft.
8/25/2005 3rd round pick in the 2006 entry draft to the Calgary Flames for defenseman Toni Lydman.
10/4/2005 Milan Bartovic to the Chicago Blackhawks for goalie Michael Leighton.
3/9/2006 Mika Noronen to Vancouver for the Canucks’ 2nd round pick in the 2006 draft.
7/10/2006 Sabres traded Jan Hejda to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for the Oilers’ 7th round pick in the 2007 draft.
7/15/2006 Taylor Pyatt to the Vancouver Canucks for a 4th round pick in the 2007 draft.
2/27/2007 4th round pick in 2007 to Nashville Predators for Mikko Lehtonen.
2/27/2007 5th round pick in 2007 to Columbus Blue Jackets for goalie Ty Conklin.
2/27/2007 Traded Jiri Novotny and a 2007 1st round pick to the Washington Capitals for Dainius Zubrus and Timo Helbling.
2/27/2007 Martin Biron to the Philadelphia Flyers for Flyers’ 2007 2nd round pick( T. J. Brennan).
6/23/2007 Sabres trade their 4th round pick (116 overall) to Calgary the 139th and 147th (5th round) selections in this year’s draft.
2/26/2008 Sabres trade Brian Campbell and 7th round pick to San Jose Sharks in exchange for Steve Bernier and a first round pick.
7/4/2008 Sabres trade Steve Bernier to the Vancouver Canucks for for 2009 3rd-rd pick & 2010 2nd-rd pick
7/4/2008 Sabres trade 2nd round pick in 2009 & 2010 to San Jose Sharks in exchange for Craig Rivet & 7th round pick in 2010.
3/4/2009 Sabres trade 4th round pick in 2010 to the Phoenix Coyotes for Mikael Tellqvist
3/4/2009 Sabres trade Ales Kotalik to Edmonton Oilers for 2nd round pick in 2009 entry draft.
3/4/2009 Sabres trade 2nd round pick in 2009 (Kotalik deal) to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Dominic Moore
10/20/2009 Sabres trade Daniel “Fred” Paille to Boston for 3rd (Kevin Sundher) round pick in 2010 Entry Draft and conditional pick in 2010 (Paille scores 16 or more goals during the 2009-10 regular season) (not exercised)
3/3/2010 Sabres trade Clarke MacArthur to Atlanta Thrashers for Atlanta’s 3rd (Jerome Gauthier-Leduc) and 4th round pick (Steven Shipley) 2010 Entry Draft
3/3/2010 Sabres trade Nathan Paetsch and 2nd round pick acquired from Vancouver in 2010 Entry Draft to Columbus Blue Jackets for Raffi Torres
2/27/2011 Sabres trade 2nd (46th overall, Joel Edmundson) round pick in 2011 Entry Draft to St. Louis Blues for Brade Boyes
6/25/2011 Sabres trade Chris Butler, Paul Byron to Calgary Flames for Robyn Regehr, Ales Kotalik and Calgary’s 2nd round pick in 20112 Entry Draft
6/30/2011 Sabres trade 4th round pick in 2012 to the New York Islanders for Christian Ehrhoff
2/27/2012 Sabres trade 4th round pick in 2013 and Paul Gaustad to Nashville Predators for 2012 1st round pick
2/27/2012 Sabres trade Zach Kassian to Vancouver Canucks for Cody Hodgson
2/27/2012 Sabres trade Marc-Andre Gragnani to Vancouver Canucks for Alexander Sulzer
6/23/2012 Sabres trade the 21st (Mark Jankowski) and 42nd overall (Patrick Sieloff) to Calgary for the 14th pick (Zemgus Girgensons).
7/2/2012 Sabres trade Derek Roy to the Dallas Stars for Steve Ott and Adam Pardy.
3/15/2013 Sabres trade TJ Brennan to the Florida Panthers for a 5th round pick in 2013 draft.
3/30/2013 Sabres trade Jordan Leopold to the St. Louis Blues for 2nd round pick in 2013 and conditional pick in 2013 (5th if Blues don’t make playoffs, 4th if they do).
4/1/2013 Sabres trade Robyn Regehr to the Los Angeles Kings for a 2nd round pick in 2014 and a 2nd round pick in 2015.
4/3/2013 Sabres trade Jason Pominville, 2014 4th round pick to Minnesota for Matt Hackett, Johan Larsson, 2013 1st round pick (Nikita Zadorov), 2014 2nd round pick. Sabres will pay $795k of Pominville’s salary.
6/30/2013 Sabres trade Andrej Sekera to Carolina for Jamie McBain and 2013 2nd round pick (J.T. Compher).
10/27/2013 Sabres trade Thomas Vanek to NY Islanders for Matt Moulson, 2014 1st round pick (can be deferred by Isles to 2015 if it’s a top 10 pick in 2014) and 2015 2nd round pick. Sabres will pay $1,392,857 of Vanek’s remaining salary.
12/19/2013 Sabres trade conditional 2014 6th round pick (15 gp in Buffalo or no return, he was cut 13gp so no pick) to Edmonton Oilers for Linus Omark.
2/28/2014 Sabres trade Ryan Miller and Steve Ott to St. Louis for Jaroslav Halak, Chris Stewart, William Carrier, 2015 1st round pick, conditional pick: if Blues make Western Conference finals in 2014 or Miller signs with them summer 2014 the pick is a 2014 1st round, otherwise 2016 3rd round. If the conditional pick becomes a 1st rounder then the Blues receive the Sabres 2014 2nd round pick (from Pominville trade) and Sabres own 2014 3rd rounder.
3/05/2014 Jaroslav Halak, 2015 3rd round pick to Washington Capitals for Michal Neuvirth and Rostislav Klesla (refused to report to Sabres)
3/05/2014 Matt Moulson, Cody McCormick to Minnesota Wild for Torrey Mitchell, 2014 2nd round pick (went to the Jets as a result of a trade on 6/28/14), 2016 2nd round pick
3/05/2014 2nd round pick 2014 (Kings pick originally part of Regehr trade), 2nd round pick 2015, Brayden McNabb and Jonathon Parker to the Los Angeles Kings for Hudson Fasching and Nicolas Deslauriers.
3/05/2014 2016 2nd round pick to Montreal for Josh Gorges
3/05/2014 Conditional 7th round pick 2015 to Winnipeg Jets for Jordan Samuels-Thomas
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