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Sabres 2013 Mock Draft

Full Mock – 1st through 7th rounds

This mock draft was finalized between June 18th and June 28th.  It was originally done in reverse order from the 7th round to the 1st round.



Selecting 8th overall in the draft isn’t the greatest spot for the Sabres. They will need a team drafting before them to go off the board a bit, taking either Valeri Nichushkin or Darnell Nurse to possibly allow Buffalo to select either Elias Lindholm or Sean Monahan. Failing to land Lindholm or Monahan won’t be the end of the world. I am going to include Lindholm and Monahan among the five players for the 8th spot, although I am not expecting them to be around when the Sabres pick. The other three players are the ones that are pegged to be taken about 8th, namely Rasmus Ristolainen, Darnell Nurse and Valeri Nichushkin. Just missing the cut are Hunter Shinkaruk and Nikita Zadorov.


Elias Lindholm – 6.0 190 / Center / Brynas (Elitserien) Sweden / Final CSS Ranking 3 – European
GP – 48, 11 goals, 19 assists, 30 points, +1, 2 PIM

Lindholm was relied upon greatly by his team this past season. He played in the Elitserien or better known in North America as the “Swedish Elite League” for Brynas. To be an 18-year-old center playing in a top European men’s league and given as much responsibility as Elias was, you know you have a pretty special player on your hands here. He was the third leading scorer on his team. Lindholm likes to be in the play anywhere on the ice. He’s very strong in movement in the offensive zone, finding spots to shoot or set up teammates. He’s not a big player but he will get near the paint to fight for a shot or rebound. Lindholm’s skating is pretty strong and combined with his excellent stickhandling it makes him a force for the other team to deal with. He can skate backwards very well and does this on occasion in the offensive zone towards the corner giving him a full view of the ice to find a teammate for a pass. Elias is a pretty resilient player in all zones. He’s diligent on the backcheck and doesn’t shirk from defensive duties. He does break up plays to create a counterattack. Lindholm will skate clear across the ice to deliver a strong check to the boards in an effort to dislodge the puck from the opposition. He plays with intensity and often looks like the hardest working player out on the ice. His work ethic would certainly never be questioned because you see Lindholm near the puck most of the time… he’s not taking off shifts or out for a leisurely skate.

Elias is under contract with Brynas for one more season. He briefly was Sabres prospect Johan Larsson’s teammate with Brynas during the 2011-12 season. Lindholm played a dozen games for Brynas that season, while spending most of his time with the J20 team… and tearing that league up, notching nearly 50 points in 36 games.

I like Lindholm’s game as he plays very determined, very good mindset for the game and has great two-way skills at the center position. He won’t slack off and even though only around 190 pounds, I don’t see him getting checked or abused by the opposition. He seems to be the one delivering some strong checks. Elias is a pretty elusive skater and cycles the puck real well, so he avoids a lot of contact that way. A couple things I noticed that I didn’t like was his speed towards the goalie sometimes is a bit average and the other team’s defensemen can catch up to him. He also will occasionally send / force a cross-ice pass in the offensive zone that you know will get broken up or intercepted. He needs to cut down on sending those kinds of passes and work a bit on developing a more explosive stride when going one-on-one with a goalie.

Whether Lindholm is around at 8th overall, we shall see. There’s much talk of Carolina through Edmonton (5-7) taking Lindholm. If he were to drop to 8, the Sabres would have to give heavy consideration to selecting him. Carolina might balk but I don’t think Edmonton will pass up the opportunity to draft him. If Carolina were to take Nichushkin, then I can see the Oilers drafting Lindholm as it seems Calgary is nearly set on taking Sean Monahan. Probably the only way Lindholm would drop to 8 is if the Oilers selected Darnell Nurse or traded out of the pick because some other team is going to go slightly off the board for a player at 7th overall.


Sean Monahan – 6.2 185 / Center / Ottawa 67’s (OHL) / Final CSS Ranking 5
GP – 58, 31 goals, 47 assists, 78 points, -18, 24 PIM

Monahan was the centerpiece of a very weak Ottawa 67’s team this past season. Ottawa could only muster 16 wins as they are going through a rebuilding project. They have lost talented players the past couple of years, mostly due to graduation from the OHL, aka Tyler Toffoli among several others. Monahan pretty much had to do everything for the 67’s this year, leading the team with 78 points. The nearest competition were two players who hit 40 points, one being NHL drafted defenseman Cody Ceci who was traded to the Owen Sound Attack late in the year.

Sean is quite the complete package for a centerman. He is one of the best shooters in the draft in terms of accuracy. He can pick spots with a laser-like wrist shot. Monahan is a decent skater who works very well in the cycle. He’s very patient with the puck and waits for plays to open up. Sean finds open space in the slot for passes that often lead to goals. He positions himself very well and has a high hockey IQ, as he reads the ice as well as just about any draftee this year. Monahan has an aspect to his game that the Sabres would be highly interested in and that is winning face-offs. He’s great at the dot and allowing the 67’s to keep puck possession after a face-off. Sean is good defensively and is very willing to play a full three zone game. He’s not the most aggressive player (in the form of others listed in this mock), but it doesn’t hinder his overall game. He finishes checks and his work ethic would never be questioned. A lot of scouts bring up “intangibles” about Monahan. Reading into that made me think of Chris Drury of course. There are some similarities between their games. Sean has great leadership qualities and didn’t pout about being on a real lackluster team this past season.

He probably projects out to a second line center, and a very good one at that. Monahan’s skating is decent, as said before, but not explosive. That may hold him back as far as top-line duty in the NHL. In any event, Sean is a very safe pick who would be a fantastic second line center. Buffalo’s only fear in this case is the continued buzz about the Calgary Flames selecting Monahan at the 6th overall spot. If Sean dropped to 8, he’d be difficult to pass up, unless Elias Lindholm was still available as well. While the former is slightly possible, the latter is a totally unlikely scenario. The Sabres may be staring at two defensemen when their pick at #8 is on the clock.


Rasmus Ristolainen – 6.3 210 / Defenseman / TPS (SM-liiga) Finland / Final CSS Ranking 4 – European
GP – 52, 3 goals, 12 assists, 15 points, -7, 32 PIM

Ristolainen has played two full seasons for TPS in the top men’s league in Finland… the same one that Joel Armia plays in. Ristolainen is a strong skating two-way defenseman. There’s completeness to his game that is often lacking in draft eligible defensemen. Rasmus isn’t the kind of defenseman an NHL team will be waiting a few years or more to develop. If Ristolainen were to somehow get out of his contract with TPS, he could make the transition to the NHL this fall or at the very least an apprenticeship in the AHL for one year or less. Ristolainen excels at many aspects of the defensive position. He keeps opposing forwards along the wall and exhibits pressure on them in an effort to stifle any offensive flow in the opposing team. He’s very good on the penalty kill, as once again he pressures opponents and has a very quick stick, breaking up plays and getting the puck into the neutral zone. Ristolainen finishes his checks and plays a pretty aggressive game. He’ll do whatever he can to be a thorn in the side of the opposing team as he never lets off the gas pedal in any zone. Rasmus is very strong offensively and is very good along the blueline when TPS is on the power play. He’s very patient with the puck and moves well, looking for openings for a pass or to unleash a pretty hard slap shot. This is another player with very good hockey sense, yet another player who reads the ice incredibly well. Scouts say there’s a high level of maturity to his game, as though he’s been playing in the pro leagues for several years. He carries a calm presence on the ice and doesn’t get flustered or make mistakes. He makes the safe plays when needed and doesn’t force a bad play in his own zone.

The only concern I read about was an occasional tendency to pinch a bit too strongly in the offensive zone which can lead to an odd-man breakout going the other way, but that’s something that can easily be corrected. Among the defensemen in the draft, Ristolainen is arguably the most NHL ready of the bunch, even more so than Seth Jones. A Sabres selection of Ristolainen would be viewed as “unsexy” but he ranks among the best players that Buffalo can take. I have no qualms about his being selected at 8. What you get is a very dependable defenseman who can be in your top pairing down the road. Once again, he excels in all facets of the game. There’s nothing not to like here.


Darnell Nurse – 6.4 190 / Defenseman / Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OHL) / Final CSS Ranking 4
GP – 68, 12 goals, 29 assists, 41 points, +15, 116 PIM

Nurse had a very strong and productive sophomore campaign in the OHL. His forte’ is that of a rough and tumble defenseman who checks very hard along the boards and due to his size he can shove opposing forwards off the puck and help clear the zone. Nurse is particularly nasty in front of the net where he is very aggressive in clearing out the front so his goaltender can see the shooting lanes more clearly. That style of defenseman is clearly lacking in the Sabres organization. Nurse is a very good skater for a player his size. He moves around well, and positions himself well either in the defensive or offensive zones. He has a decent shot from the point, but not spectacular. He will trail a play into the slot for a goal scoring chance. He had very respectable offensive numbers this year, but at the pro level, he will excel more as a defensive defenseman, as that is his bread and butter. Because he is a good skater, he can get back into the play and position himself pretty well in the defensive zone, and keep opposing forwards at the perimeter. The aggressive game Nurse displays sometimes leads to some fights, and he certainly handles things well in the pugilism department. There’s a couple of knocks on Darnell’s game. One is that he needs some work on passing the puck. He needs to have more tape-to-tape passes and less passes into a teammate’s skates. That’s a drill that he will need to work on. A few scouts wonder about his hockey sense to some extent. They prefer that he play a simpler game and work more on the defense aspects and not get overly involved in all zones. There’s a tendency for the puck to be a hot potato when Nurse is at the opposing team’s blueline on the power play. Scouts say he should devote more time to working on his craft in the defense zone. I look at it as a kid with a lot of potential, and I don’t view him as a project. He’s a very fluid skater for a kid his size and he already is an imposing force in his own end. As I said previously, the Sabres could use a player like Nurse, and especially when he fills out and gains another 20 or so pounds. He will probably max out at about 6.5 or 6.6 and 225 pounds. As long as he doesn’t lose much of his skating stride, he could be the Zdeno Chara that the Sabres blueline really needs.


Valeri Nichushkin – 6.3 200 / Left Wing / Traktor Chelyabinsk (KHL) / Final CSS Ranking 2 – European
GP – 18, 4 goals, 2 assists, 6 points, +6, 0 PIM

Nichushkin has been tabbed the “enigma” of this draft. Much of that was labeled as a fear of him remaining in the KHL, but that changed in past weeks when Valeri said he’d be more than happy to play in the NHL. He moved his way up the Russian leagues, putting up good numbers in the MHL, then the VHL, and finally a promotion to the KHL. Nichushkin has a very powerful skating stride as he works up speed quickly and is able to glide at a quick pace as he goes to the net. He’s very strong and able to maneuver through opposing defenses, stickhandling his way to the net. He can turn on a dime to gain open space in the offensive zone, to either find a better scoring chance or dish the puck off to an open teammate. Nichushkin often draws a few opponents to him, leaving his teammates available for scoring opportunities. Valeri works well along the wall and can keep puck possession going for quite some time, frustrating his opponents. One thing you have to like about Nichushkin is his willingness to play defense. If the opposition is setting up into the offensive zone, Nichushkin skates hard to get back into the play… sometimes he is back in the d-zone before his defense mates are. He’s very alert in all zones. The knock on Russian players in the past, especially those who are either goal scorers or playmakers, is that they would passively help out on defense. Nichushkin wants to be near the puck in any zone. Valeri had a couple of highlight reel plays this past season… he had a memorable assist at the WJC where he skated end to end around the entire US team… lastly, gliding around Seth Jones, cutting to the net, putting the puck on net and allowing a teammate to get an easy rebound for the goal. Valeri scored a similar styled goal that was the bronze medal winner at the WJC, skating hard along the wall, getting past the opponent’s defense by cutting to the net and putting it past the goalie. Interesting to think how well Nichushkin could mesh with fellow Russian forward Mikhail Grigorenko. Would it work, or would it be a disaster that should certainly cost Darcy Regier and the scouting staff their jobs? Slightly risky choice… glad I am not the one making it.




One player who I would like to see as an option at 16 would be London Knights defenseman Nikita Zadorov. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will last till the 16th pick. As much as I would like to see him as an option, I’m not sure it’s worth moving up to select him. There are other players just as worthy to be selected at 16. If I thought Zadorov was a viable selection at 16, I would have included him. Instead I have listed Prince Albert Raiders defenseman Josh Morrissey as the lone defenseman at this spot. I think his game is more developed than Ryan Pulock’s. Pulock has a few slightly negative aspects to his game that made me leave him out for the 16th spot. I wanted to focus on offense at this pick because the Sabres need a large amount of help there.


Adam Erne – 6.1 200 / Left Wing – Right Wing / Quebec Remparts (QMJHL) / Final CSS Ranking 26
GP – 68, 28 goals, 44 assists, 72 points, +11, 67 PIM

The thing that you first notice about Adam Erne is how quick he is on his skates for a kid who looks like he’s built like a little tank. He has a very powerful stride and can get past defensemen along the wall as they sometimes misjudge his speed. Erne loves cutting to the net from the outside and his puck possession skills are fantastic, which allows to him to get right to the paint for a goal scoring chance. He’s very adept at being the trailer on a play to get a one-time shot on net from the slot. Scouts view Erne as a hybrid playmaking – scoring winger / power forward. His upside in the pros would be as a top-2 line scoring winger who plays a pretty aggressive game and can throw some hard checks whether along the wall or in the open ice. Erne works hard along the boards and usually wins most battles for the puck. He is able to keep possession for long periods of time, allowing teammates to position themselves for a good shot on net. His passing abilities are very strong. He can distribute the puck quickly and likes to play a high tempo game for the Remparts. He is no slouch defensively as he has a great ability in breaking up plays, creating timely turnovers and starting up the attack into the opponent’s zone. The Sabres will have some familiarity with Erne since he was / is a teammate of Mikhail Grigorenko. I would love to see the Sabres select Adam Erne at 16. He’s the type of forward that’s missing from the organization.


Bo Horvat – 6.0 200 / Center / London Knights (OHL) / Final CSS Ranking 15
GP – 67, 33 goals, 28 assists, 61 points, +3, 29 PIM

Horvat jumped onto the Buffalo fan radar this season playing a very strong two-way game and seeing his ranking flirt with the Sabres pick at 8th overall. Bo has slid back some and probably won’t be selected in the top 10. Horvat has very few weaknesses in his game. He’s a tireless worker on the ice in any zone. His back-checking is excellent and he is a threat to steal a puck in the neutral zone and create a breakaway opportunity. He’s very thick bodied and skates really well, he has a very strong stride. Horvat can score goals from anywhere on the ice. He has a very strong wrist shot and will force his way to the net to get a goal. Very competitive player who doesn’t give an inch in regards to any part of the game, whether it’s offense, checking or his defensive work. Plays each shift hard and won’t be outworked by his opponent. Horvat was named the MVP of the OHL playoffs. He turned his game up a few notches, scoring 16 goals in 21 playoff games. I like how he plays the game and his work ethic is top notch. The Sabres would be drafting themselves a very dependable two-way forward who is always in the play, never slacks off. At the 16th pick, he would be a great addition to the Sabres organization… a player with few, if no negatives.


Curtis Lazar – 6.0 200 / Center / Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL) / Final CSS Ranking 20
GP – 72, 38 goals, 23 assists, 61 points, +25, 47 PIM

Scouts refer to Lazar as the right-handed shot version of Bo Horvat. They do have some similarities in their games, but Lazar is always looking to score goals and doesn’t have the playmaking skills that Horvat does. Curtis is incredibly smart in the offensive zone as he finds soft / weak spots in the opposing team’s defense and exploits them really well. Over and over he is open for quick one time shots that go in the net. He’s pretty dominating close to the net. He’ll fight for territory in front of the goalie until a rebound is scored. Lazar is a very determined player who takes as much pride in excellent defensive performances as he does in scoring goals. Like Horvat, Lazar has a very strong work ethic and can be a factor in every shift he has on the ice. He blocks shots and is a force for the Oil Kings in the defensive zone and on the penalty kill. One slight knock on Lazar is that he doesn’t have much of a burst in his skating. Overall his skating ability is more than adequate, he’s just lacking that next gear, although up to this point it doesn’t seem to be holding him back. As a pro, Lazar should project to a two-way center who will be strong in all zones. He has a lot of leadership and character qualities that NHL teams would be happy to have in a player. If the Sabres don’t select Adam Erne or Bo Horvat, I think Lazar would be a very good pick at 16th overall.


Anthony Mantha – 6.4 185 / Left Wing – Right Wing / Val d’Or Foreurs (QMJHL) / Final CSS Ranking 10
GP – 67, 50 goals, 39 assists, 89 points, +21, 71 PIM

Mantha led the Quebec junior league with 50 goals. He has a very fast shot, and it’s very accurate. Mantha will shoot the puck from any angle when there’s an opening. Obviously, he’s dangerous on the offense when he bears down towards the net. His goal totals jumped from 22 in the 2011-12 season to 50. He’s quick for a big kid and looks for open space to be able to take a good shot. Mantha is strong in most aspects of the offensive game as he is good at passing the puck, but his modus operandi is to score goals. There are weaknesses with Mantha’s game as he is not overly aggressive for someone his size. He doesn’t necessarily shy away from contact but he’s not out there initiating it for the most part. Some scouts say that he is a bit lazy at times, that his work ethic is questionable. Mantha will dominate some games and put up a big stat line, other games he’s just another player out on the ice. This obviously raises some red flags, and I would most certainly take Erne, Horvat or Lazar before I would select Mantha. Despite that, he is pretty determined in the defensive zone where he breaks up plays to get a counterattack going. A little bit of a “boom-bust” scenario with this kid. Either you are enamored with his goal-scoring ability and great hockey sense in the offensive zone, or you see another talented slacker out on the ice. I think a selection of Mantha is a bit risky, but cannot deny his ability to put the puck in the net.


Josh Morrissey – 6.0 185 / Defenseman / Prince Albert Raiders (WHL) / Final CSS Ranking 27
GP – 70, 15 goals, 32 assists, 47 points, +14, 91 PIM

Morrissey may have felt like half a person when it was revealed his final ranking was at 27. All he can do at this point is stretch out and wait for Sunday’s draft. Josh is an offensive defenseman who is also very good in his own end. He’s a good skater, has good, strong strides that allow him to get to various spots on the ice quickly. Morrissey quarterbacks the Prince Albert power play and does an excellent job of it. He maneuvers well along the blue line and towards the half wall, keeping the attention of his opponents. He has a strong slapshot from the point and will jump into the slot for scoring chances. He’s quite aggressive in the offensive zone. He’s a smart defenseman who knows where his teammates are, reads the ice very well and will dish off good passes for scoring opportunities. Defensively he will hound the opposition along the wall and create turnovers. With his good speed, he can lead a transition out of the defensive zone and be a part of the Prince Albert offense, with four players bearing down on the opponent. Josh can deliver a thundering hit and he’s quite good at lining up some unfortunate soul for a clean, hard check, whether it is along the boards or open ice. He’ll throw the body around a fair amount, and he can become even better at that if he fills out and gains another 20 pounds. His game in some respects reminds me of Christian Ehrhoff, especially the willingness to unleash a slapshot at the point, his movement around the opposing team’s blueline and that he is a factor in the team’s offense. Morrissey plays a more aggressive game than Ehrhoff. He should develop into a strong two-way defenseman as a pro, and should be a player who will be part of a team’s top-4 rotation down the road.





J.T. Compher – 5.11 180 / Center – Left Wing / USA U-18 Development Team / Final CSS Ranking 34
GP – 55, 18 goals, 31 assists, 49 points, +12, 53 PIM / Committed to Michigan


This past season, Compher was the captain and pulse of the US development team. He is strong in all facets of the game. He’s depended upon more than pretty much any other player on the US team. Compher excels in all zones. He’s another forward with excellent skills and ability in the defensive zone. He will antagonize the opposition in the neutral zone, leading to turnovers by the opponent. He’s particularly dangerous to the opposing team’s power play. His “hockey IQ” is very high. He reads and anticipates plays very well. Compher is very good at the face off dot, will block shots, checks well, is very good at cycling the puck and has a number of different, accurate shots he can use on offense. Overall, J.T. can be counted on to be effective in any game situation. He’s among the “safer” picks in the draft but that certainly isn’t a drawback in any case. He gives more than an honest effort most every shift. Compher is the kind of forward that every NHL team wants to have in their employ… a player who takes the initiative to succeed on the ice and is a leader on and off of it.


Laurent Dauphin – 6.0 165 / Center – Right Wing / Chicoutimi Sagueneens (QMJHL) / Final CSS Ranking 28
GP – 62, 25 goals, 32 assists, 57 points, 50 PIM

This past season was Dauphin’s first in the Quebec junior league. He’s a skinny, quick skater who will fight through traffic for scoring opportunities. He has a very fast stick and handles the puck very well. Dauphin will go to the paint for chances and shows a lot of resiliency in the offensive zone. His quick maneuvering allows for open shots and an ability at times to set up his teammates. He is able to maintain pressure in the offensive zone with good cycling, wearing out the defense with twists and turns and has a willingness to keep things going in that area. Some say he’s a bit of a puck hog, and at times he does look like that kind of player, although when playing “keep away” from the opposition he is often looking to dish off a pass for a goal scoring chance. Despite not being the biggest player out there, Dauphin will play hard on defense, tying up opponents and puts forth a determined effort on defense. He’s particularly good at poking the puck away from the other team with stick checks. He is diligent in effort along the boards, always looking to break up a play and start the transition going for the offense. As a late injury replacement for the annual CHL Top Prospects game, Dauphin was arguably the most impressive player in the game, scoring a goal and an assist. He should be picked around the time the Sabres are picking at 38. Dauphin would project to becoming a scoring forward at the pro level, probably a second line player. Really like his skills and his high level of effort.


Jacob De La Rose – 6.2 190 / Center / Leksand (Allsvenskan) Sweden / Final CSS Ranking 7 – European
GP – 38, 6 goals, 6 assists, 12 points, +8, 31 PIM

De La Rose sticks out to you when viewing him because he plays a more North American style of game than his teammates do. He looks for the big hit and is very aggressive along the boards… a true checking forward. De La Rose is a north-south skater who likes to initiate contact along the boards to pry pucks loose to help feed his teammates a pass. He can deliver nasty open ice hits at times. Really likes to throw the body around and give the opposition something to think about. He’s viewed as a two-way forward that is strong in all zones of the ice, although I would lean towards De La Rose being better in the defensive end. He’s a tireless worker and a very good skater. He always wants to be around the puck. Offensively he has a bit of work to do. He shows flashes of offensive skill from time to time and is very good at cycling the puck and keeping the play going in the offensive zone. At the next level De La Rose will probably become a very reliable checking forward with some spurts of offense. His (extreme) upside is as a second line forward, but it’s probably safer to say he will end up a very strong third line player. One thing he will never be faulted for is lack of effort.


Ian McCoshen – 6.3 210 / Defenseman / Waterloo Blackhawks (USHL) / Final CSS Ranking 24
GP – 53, 11 goals, 33 assists, 44 points, +35, 48 PIM / Committed to Boston College

McCoshen finished his third season with the Waterloo Blackhawks and is rounding himself out as a strong defenseman in both the defensive and offensive zones at the junior level. McCoshen may have put up 44 points this past season, but as time goes on, at the pro level he will be projected as a shutdown defenseman. Here is another defenseman with very good size and is quite a good skater. He’s yet another defenseman in this mock draft who positions himself well and forces the opposing offense to work for scoring opportunities. McCoshen is more than adequate in taking out opposing forwards along the wall and in front of the net. There’s a level of grit to his game, but it wouldn’t hurt if he increased his intensity at times. He’s a smart kid, makes the smart plays when he has to. If he’s out of options in the defensive zone, he’ll get the puck off the glass and down the ice to alleviate the pressure. Offensively he has a good shot from the point, but his hockey sense for offense isn’t that strong, and that is why he projects to more of a shutdown, defensive defenseman as time goes on. Ian should be selected either very late in the first round, or certainly in the first half of the second round… a safe, smart player who could end up a 3-4 d-man in the pros.


William Carrier – 6.2 200 / Center – Left Wing / Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (QMJHL) / Final CSS Ranking 18
GP – 34, 16 goals, 26 assists, 42 points, -14, 41 PIM

Carrier most likely would have been a first round selection in the draft this year had he not been injured. In 34 games he accumulated 16 goals and 26 assists. For the 2011-12 season he scored 23 goals and had 47 assists. He has most of the attributes of a power forward. Carrier has a hard slapshot and a lightning quick wrister. His shot is very accurate. Carrier’s skating is quite good for a big kid. He can control play in the offensive zone and is a very important part of the power play. Scouts say that Carrier is one of the best puck possession players in the Quebec junior league. In some ways, that’s saying quite a bit considering the lackluster talent on the Cape Breton team. The Screaming Eagles could only find their way to a paltry 14 wins this past season. Despite only playing 34 games, Carrier was the second leading scorer on the team. Cape Breton has won just 55 games in three seasons. One of Carrier’s negatives is a lack of motivation at times… is that an inherent quality or a product of Cape Breton’s poor performance for a number of years now? Maybe it’s both. Carrier needs more work in the defensive end because he’s lackluster in that regard. He’s an intriguing player, not so much a boom or bust type, but maybe one who can reach his ceiling with a bit more hard work. A change of scenery to a better team in the Q wouldn’t hurt either.





Emile Poirier – 6.1 185 / Left Wing / Gatineau Olympiques (QMJHL) / Final CSS Ranking 39
65 GP – 32 goals, 38 assists, 70 points, 101 PIM

Poirier led the way offensively for a Gatineau team that struggled to score goals. Poirier blossomed this past season, registering 32 goals and 70 points which ended up being a sizable jump in numbers from the previous year. Emile is a very fast skater with quick acceleration and the ability to go wide on the defense to create scoring chances. Offensively he can pretty much do everything. His speed allows him to gain open space and separation from the other team’s defense. He has a variety of good shots in his arsenal. Emile is another player who reads the ice very well and can find teammates to create scoring opportunities. He’s a very good puckhandler, and combined with his speed it allows him to undress defensemen for scoring chances and also exploit the defense into committing to him too quickly, opening up a teammate to find space for a good shot. Poirier is quite good in regards to defense. He’s an important part of the Gatineau penalty killing unit. His hockey sense is strong in all zones. Poirier showed a greater willingness to exhibit a more physical style in his game this past season. He finished more checks and did get into a few scraps along the way. Emile seems to be rounding out into a “do everything” type of forward. The only knock on him is a bit of laziness at times when the opposing team has the puck in the Gatineau zone. Scouts say he needs a bit of tweaking in that department, to be more diligent in effort, but it is not a glaring problem. Poirier should be selected in Buffalo’s range around 52, maybe a bit higher.


Adam Tambellini – 6.3 190 / Center / Surrey Eagles (BCHL) / Final CSS Ranking 42
52 GP – 36 goals, 29 assists, 65 points, 26 PIM / Committed to North Dakota

Adam is the son of former Edmonton Oilers executive Steve Tambellini. His brother Jeff played in the NHL for a number of years. Adam has played in the BCHL for the past two seasons and has been a dominating offensive force during his time in the league. In about one year’s time, Tambellini has gone from a 6 foot, 170 pound forward to 6.3 and 190 pounds. In that time he hasn’t lost any of his speed. The competition level in the BCHL wasn’t all that great for him, allowing him to dominate other teams’ defensemen. He’s a very strong skater whose main game is offense and scoring goals. It’s difficult to gauge where he stands in terms of talent because of his ease in exploiting weaker BCHL defenses. It would have been nice to see how his abilities would translate in the WHL. One of Tambellini’s drawbacks is a lack of physical play / aggression and most of the time he’s not going to win battles along the boards. Scouts say he needs to add a grittier element to his overall game. He will be playing with the North Dakota Fighting Sioux in the fall of 2013. The NCAA level should show if Tambellini can make the jump to the pro level.


Dillon Heatherington – 6.3 200 / Defenseman / Swift Current Broncos (WHL) / Final CSS Ranking 31
GP – 71, 4 goals, 23 assists, 27 points, +25, 80 PIM

Dillon is a big defenseman who is very smart with the puck in his own end and is a very good skater for his size. He is excellent at breaking up plays from the opposing team’s offense, whether it’s a stick check or a blocked shot. He’s very good along the wall, tying up his opponent and winning the battle for the puck. Heatherington’s game is more of a simple defensive defenseman style… put out the fires in your own end and send an outlet pass to a teammate to begin an offensive charge into the opposing team’s zone. Very tireless skater, always moving and doing what is needed to clear the defensive zone. Dillon has a strong work ethic, a player with good stamina, pretty relentless in his own end. On occasion he’ll get into a fight, often cause of a hard or nearly late hit he threw. His fighting skills are ok at best. I think Heatherington would be a good pick at 52 for Buffalo. They could use a reliable, big bodied defenseman who plays a safe game in his own end and plays a rather mistake-free game.


Tristan Jarry – 6.2 180 / Goalie / Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL) / Final CSS Ranking 3 – Goalie
GP – 27, 18 wins, 7 losses, 1.61 GAA, .936 Save %, 6 SO

Jarry is ranked quite high in this draft and he wasn’t even the starter on his team. Laurent Brossoit has been between the pipes for the Edmonton Oil Kings for three seasons. Jarry has had to bide his time up until now and will become the starting goalie for the Oil Kings in 2013-14. Even though he has been playing for a very strong team in the WHL, Jarry has performed real well in limited opportunities. Even with the lack of ice time, he’s put up some excellent numbers and obviously shakes off any rust he might have very quickly. If you look at the game-by-game opportunities he had, it would seem very difficult to get into any kind of groove. There were several instances where he had two-week gaps in his starts. The lack of starts makes him an even more intriguing selection. Overall, Tristan is a pretty sound goaltender. He’s very quick on his skates and very good at the angles, not allowing the shooter much space. The one aspect of his game that needs improvement is rebound control. I’m not overly keen on the Sabres taking a goalie in the first two rounds, but if Jarry is available at 52 and he’s one of the best options out there, I’d think the Sabres will consider him at the very least.


Samuel Morin – 6.7 200 / Defenseman / Rimouski Oceanic (QMJHL) / Final CSS Ranking 23
GP – 46, 4 goals, 12 assists, 16 points, +10, 117 PIM

Morin’s second season in the Quebec junior league, he improved markedly over his rookie year. Morin is a very tall, lanky defenseman who plays aggressively in his own end and is quite a good skater, able to take the puck away from his opponent with relative ease and get things moving up ice. His stick checks work incredibly well for him, due to his height and he breaks up a lot of plays that way. He will cordon off an opponent to the boards and take the puck away, moving quickly into the neutral zone. Morin will jump in to the high slot for shots on net. He reminds me of Tyler Myers in some aspects, but he is much more aggressive and nasty to play against, compared to Myers. Morin will happily drop the gloves, and he administered a few big time beatings to some unlucky opponents this past season. I like his aggressiveness, and his skating is very good for a big kid. He will line up an opposing player for a highlight worthy hit on occasion. Morin is the kind of defenseman that the other team needs to be wary of. He could use some improvement in positioning at times, but he’s able to slightly compensate any problems there by being a good skater. Like fellow defensemen Jonathan Diaby and Dillon Heatherington, Samuel Morin would be a nice addition to the Sabres prospect stable. EDIT: I would move Morin up to 38. He looks to be a late riser. I think some are getting overzealous moving him up as far as they have.





With the 3rd round selection, the draft becomes more interesting as more viable talent will appear for the Sabres. With no 4th round selection, there’s a sizable gap between their picks from the 3rd to the 5th rounds, 60 selections all told. In the 3rd round I would like to see them take a gritty end-to-end workaholic, and / or a player who will intimidate the opposition… get under their skin. Of course, I want a player with skill as well and not just a 4th liner. A player with a high level of competitiveness who doesn’t take off any shifts would be appropriate.


Jonathan Diaby – 6.5 225 / Defenseman / Victoriaville Tigres (QMJHL) / Final CSS Ranking 37
GP – 67, 4 goals, 22 assists, 26 points, +12, 117 PIM

Call Diaby a “Poor Man’s Darnell Nurse” if you like. Diaby is a tough, nasty defenseman who will throw borderline dirty hits along the wall at times and is an intimidating presence on the ice. When you see him originally, you don’t think he’d be a good skater because he looks to be built like a tank, but he’s very good at positioning himself between his goaltender and keeping the opposing offense to the outside. Some scouts believe he can develop into a very good physical, shutdown defenseman over time. He’s still a bit of a work in progress, but really blossomed this past season, his second full season in the Quebec junior league. To get to the next level he will have to refine his game, become better with outlet passes, keep it simple and use his strength and decent skating ability to overpower the opposition along the wall and in front of the net. Diaby is more than happy to drop the gloves. He will defend a teammate who takes a nasty hit and he can throw rock hard punches with both hands. The Sabres need this kind of defenseman in their system to offset the many pacifists in the prospect portion of the blueline.


Nick Baptiste – 6.1 190 / Right Wing / Sudbury Wolves (OHL) / Final CSS Ranking 61
GP – 66, 21 goals, 27 assists, 48 points, -1, 44 PIM

Baptiste is a player who can pretty much do everything. He’s a very good skater with a powerful stride and quick acceleration into the second gear. His hockey smarts are top notch, he reads the ice incredibly well creating open space for himself and allowing him to either feed his teammates for a scoring opportunity or keep the pressure going against the opposing team’s defense. Nick is very strong along the wall, fighting for loose pucks, keeping possession and creating more offensive opportunities. He is also very smart and aware on defense, able to break up plays and start a counterattack into the other team’s zone. He’s another player with a very strong work ethic, near the puck a lot, always engaged in the play. Baptiste is a very complete forward who excels in basically all aspects of the game. Although he didn’t fare too well, he had the balls to get into a fight with the much bigger Darnell Nurse. Nick would be a fine addition to the Sabres organization. I like how he plays the game, an honest hardworking kid.


Vincent Dunn – 5.11 175 / Center – Left Wing / Val d’Or Foreurs (QMJHL) / Final CSS Ranking 73
GP – 53, 25 goals, 27 assists, 52 points, +21, 98 PIM

Dunn is a very intense two-way forward whose game is very aggressive at both ends of the ice. He’s not a big player but he plays big, gets under the skin of the opposition with hard checks, sometimes late ones and is willing to fight anyone. His hockey skills are decent, although he doesn’t carry the attributes of your typical offensive forward. Dunn will get his nose in front of the net for tip-ins, drive to the net hard to either score or disrupt his opponents in front of the net to allow a teammate to cash in on a rebound. There’s nothing flashy to his game at all. Point totals jumped from 13 to 52 this past season. Plays the game like his hair is on fire, relentless along the boards, hitting any opposing player that has the puck. He gets a bit out of control at times and received a suspension during the season for some taunting and foul language. Dunn is one of the nastiest players in this draft, and his style could raise some eyebrows among the Softies. He will play for Gatineau in the Quebec league next season. Dunn is a very rugged kid who is going to need to get a bit bigger to be a better factor at the next level.


Brett Pesce – 6.3 175 / Defenseman / New Hampshire Wildcats (Hockey East) / Final CSS Ranking 40
GP – 38, 1 goal, 5 assists, 6 points, +6, 10 PIM

Pesce is the highest ranked collegiate player entering the draft. He is another defensive defenseman who excels in his own end. His positioning is very good, he keeps the shooters to the outside and is adept at breaking up plays with his stick and moving the puck up to his forwards to begin the transition. Pesce is a good skater and has decent size (height-wise), although he will fill out more in the next few years. He plays a simple, strictly defensive game. He doesn’t have many offensive attributes. He needs to learn more about the offensive game, at least become somewhat proficient at the opposing team’s blueline. Brett was a true freshman on the New Hampshire defense unit. He moved up from the Atlantic Youth League right into the Wildcats lineup. Could use a bit more aggression in his game, but if he keeps improving and refining his defense traits he would be a solid addition to the Sabres’ group of prospect defensemen. Defensively aware blueliners are needed in the system.


Marko Dano – 5.11 185 / Center / HC Slovan Bratislava (KHL) / Final CSS Ranking 12 – European
37 GP – 3 goals, 4 assists, 7 points, +4, 26 PIM

Dano is a speedy center who plays a high energy game and is a very effective player in the offensive zone. He is good at finding open areas in the offensive zone to score quick goals. He has a good shot and quick hands. Always moving on his skates and engaged in the play. While playing for Bratislava in the KHL, Dano was teammates with former Sabres Miroslav Satan and Milan Bartovic. As an 18 year old on a veteran laden KHL team, Marko led the entire team in plus / minus. He has an edge to his game at times that you like to see. Dano also played on the Slovakian WJC team this past season. He had four goals and five assists in six games at the tournament.



5.129 / 5.130


Myles Bell – 6.0 210 / Left Wing / Kelowna Rockets (WHL) / Final CSS Ranking 46
69 GP – 38 goals, 55 assists, 93 points, +46, 68 PIM

Bell is one of the more interesting players entering this year’s draft. This is the third time that Bell is draft eligible. He has already played four full years in the WHL, both with the Regina Pats and now the Kelowna Rockets. Myles played on defense his first three seasons but was converted to a forward this past year. He seemed to adjust very well as he finished 6th overall in WHL scoring, eight points ahead of prospective first rounder Hunter Shinkaruk. Being an offensive defenseman previously made for an easy transition for Bell. He possesses a hard shot, (nearly 100 MPH) and does play an aggressive game, especially along the wall. In the 5th round it’s worth taking a gamble on a player like this. He was passed up in previous drafts, purportedly, due to some off- ice issues.


Sven Andrighetto – 5.9 190 / Right Wing / Rouyn-Noranda Huskies (QMJHL) / Not Ranked
53 GP – 31 goals, 67 assists, 98 points, +25, 45 PIM

Like Bell, Andrighetto is an overaged player born in 1993. Andrighetto is somewhat of a “Poor Man’s Drouin”. The Swiss born forward is one of the fastest skaters in this draft and relies heavily on his speed to zoom past defenders. He owns a combination of great puck handling skills, a variety of fantastic shots with a high speed, accurate wrist shot at the forefront. In two years in the Quebec junior league, Sven has accumulated 67 goals and 105 assists. Teams shied away from drafting him the past two years due to his diminutive stature and being the recipient of some big hits along the boards. CSS didn’t give him a ranking this year, despite nearly hitting the 100-point barrier in just 53 games. Perhaps they feel “longevity” won’t be a part of Andrighetto’s hockey career. Again, being that this pick would be in the 5th round, I see no problem taking a chance on a boom or bust type player. There’s a lot of upside to this player. The Sabres need scorers, so go ahead and take a 5th round flier on this guy.


Brendan Harms – 6.0 175 / Center – Right Wing / Fargo Force (USHL) / Final CSS Ranking 93
64 GP – 25 goals, 45 assists, 70 points, +33, 45 PIM / Committed to Bemidji State

Another strong puck possession player, forward Brendan Harms is adept at cycling the puck in the offensive zone and feeding quick passes to teammates for scoring opportunities. Harms is a very smart, patient player who waits for offensive situations to open up. Although not a big player, he sticks his nose in front of the net for scoring chances and will work hard along the wall to free loose pucks and keep offensive momentum going. Harms is a decent skater, not a great one, but his willingness to never take off a shift, block shots and be an offensive force makes him the kind of player every team wants. This is a lunch bucket guy with a high level of skills and hockey smarts. Brendan is projected to be picked in the mid rounds of the draft.


Zach Sanford – 6.3 185 / Left Wing / Islanders HC (EJHL) / Final CSS Ranking 60
37 GP – 12 goals, 24 assists, 36 points, 22 PIM / Committed to Boston College

Sanford is a big forward who made the jump from New Hampshire high school hockey to the EJHL this past season. It took some time to make adjustments to the better level of competition, and Zach ended up flourishing later in the season, moving him up in draft rankings. He’s projected to be taken somewhere around the 4th and 5th rounds. He is a tall forward who skates well and has very good puck handling skills. Sanford is geared towards the offense and will crash the net to cash in on opportunities. Scouts say he’s still a bit raw but were impressed by the improvement he showed over the past season. Zach will play in the EJHL next year and then jump to Boston College in the fall of 2014.


Marcus Hogberg – 6.4 200 / Goalie / Linkoping J20 (SuperElit – Sweden) / Final CSS Ranking 4 – European
23 GP – 13 wins, 9 losses / 2.41 GAA / .917 Save % / 2 SO

Hogberg is a big goalie with quick reflexes. He’s ranked as the 4th best European goalie for the draft, but he had to share time with a goalie that blossomed on the Linkoping J20 team (Jacob Johansson). When the first round of the J20 season ended and the “Top 10” portion started, Marcus took over the starting role and was one of the top two or three goalies during that portion of the league schedule. Hogberg is the classic butterfly style goalie and is very good with rebound control. His quickness is in all aspects, pads, glove and waffle. With the Sabres having three selections in the 5th round, it wouldn’t hurt to take a goalie with one of the picks. Buffalo’s goaltending stable is improving, but adding another netminder to increase the competition in the system would be a good idea.





Matt Buckles – 6.2 210 / Center – Right Wing / St. Michael’s Buzzers (OJHL) / Final CSS Ranking 117
50 GP – 40 goals, 31 assists, 71 points, 107 PIM / Committed to Cornell University

Matt is in the mold of a power forward, a center / winger playing in the OJHL, which is the same league that the Buffalo Jr. Sabres play in. Buckles is a big, strong goal scorer with great puck possession skills and has some grittiness to his game… he owns the typical attributes of a power forward. He works well along the boards in the offensive zone, maintains possession very well and has a nasty slap shot that finds the net. Buckles was the fourth highest goal scorer in the OJHL this past season, registering 40 goals. Many players in the OJHL are two and three years older than Matt, and most are not NHL prospects. His defensive work needs some refining but he’s a talented player with a strong work ethic. Buckles ranges anywhere from a third to fifth round pick in the upcoming draft.


Teemu Kivihalme – 5.11 160 / Defenseman / Burnsville H.S. (Minnesota) / Final CSS Ranking 64
25 GP – 9 goals, 21 assists, 30 points, 22 PIM / Committed to Colorado College

Kivihalme is one of the better skaters in this draft. A fast and elusive defenseman, he runs the offense for his team and quarterbacks the power play. Teemu will occasionally go on an end-to-end rush to throw off the opposition and quickly set things up for his teammates and maintain offensive pressure. Despite all the accolades for his skating and offensive prowess, Kivihalme lacks awareness and positioning in his own end and he is slight of stature at 5.11 and 160 pounds. Although not completely passive in the defensive end, due to his lack of size he doesn’t exactly punish his opponents. As he fills out he can become more of an asset in the defensive zone. He is a very talented player with many tools to make an impact at the next level. After a likely stint with the USHL’s Fargo Force this upcoming season, four years in the NCAA certainly won’t hurt his development.


Avery Peterson – 6.2 195 / Center / Grand Rapids H.S. (Minnesota) / Final CSS Ranking 77
31 GP – 23 goals, 31 assists, 54 points / Committed to Minnesota

Reports vary on Peterson who is projected to be picked in the fourth or fifth rounds. He’s a lanky centerman who sets up plays for his teammates. He was far and away the leading scorer for his team, playing in the Iron Range league in Minnesota. Avery is a good passer who sees the ice well and has very good puck handling abilities. The one knock on him is that he is only an adequate skater. Peterson also played for the Sioux City Musketeers in the USHL, notching a goal and three assists in eight games.


Carter Verhaeghe – 6.1 180 / Center / Niagara Ice Dogs (OHL) / Final CSS Ranking 102
67 GP – 18 goals, 26 assists, 44 points, -12, 22 PIM

Verhaeghe is a defensive forward for the Ice Dogs and is a very important part of the team’s penalty killing unit. Like Peterson, Verhaeghe is only an adequate skater but a high energy guy who doesn’t take a shift off. He is kind of a Jack of All Trades with a strong work ethic. He more than likely projects to being a defensive forward at the next level, but saw a sizable jump in his offensive numbers this past season. Prior to his tenure with Niagara, Verhaeghe played for the Hamilton Jr. team in the league that the Buffalo Regals are a part of. Verhaeghe’s offensive numbers were much stronger with Hamilton. A bit of a project, but he won’t be discounted for lack of effort.


Tyler Lewington – 6.1 190 / Defenseman / Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL) / Final CSS Ranking 66
69 GP – 2 goals, 24 assists, 26 points, +14, 131 PIM

Reports are mixed on Lewington. Some say he needs to progress in all elements of the game, yet CSS ranks him at 66th overall. At the scouting combine he finished first in the bench press, push-ups and a push strength competition. Lewington certainly has strength and stamina engaging in fights with bigger players. Overall, he’s viewed as more of a defensive defenseman who keeps things simple and doesn’t project to running a team’s power play. Lewington is a tough kid who sticks up for his teammates and loves to initiate fights, even if he loses about half of them. He will verbally entice an opponent into a scrap. He fought a few players bigger than him. Lewington would add some much needed grit to the Sabres prospect system.





Jason Salvaggio – 6.0 190 / Center / South Kent Prep (Connecticut) / Final CSS Ranking 97
54 GP – 49 goals, 36 assists, 85 points / Committed to New Hampshire

When it comes to the final few rounds of an NHL draft, it doesn’t hurt to take a shot on a kid who put up some big numbers in a league that isn’t the CHL. Was the leading scorer on the 17th ranked (nationally) South Kent Selects U-18. Obviously scoring 49 goals, he has a nose for the net. Judging from video, he’s an offensive first type player and waits for the defensemen to feed him the puck to create a break into the other team’s zone. Salvaggio will play for the Indiana Ice next year in the USHL and got in a few games with them at the end of their season. Salvaggio’s South Kent coach was an assistant with the Indiana Ice prior to coaching South Kent.


Zach Glienke – 6.3 190 / Left Wing / Eagan H.S. (Minnesota) / Final CSS Ranking 160
25 GP – 30 goals, 30 assists, 60 points, 19 PIM / Committed to Maine

Glienke registered at least 3 points in 13 of his team’s 25 regular season games in a Minneapolis suburban high school league. He has committed to the University of Maine and was drafted by the USHL’s Omaha Lancers.


Patrik Bartosak – 6.1 180 / Goalie / Red Deer Rebels (WHL) / Final CSS Ranking 8 – Goalie
55 GP – 33 wins, 14 losses, 5 OTL / 2.26 GAA / .935 Save % / 5 SO

Bartosak is a 20-year-old goalie who has been passed over the last two years in the entry draft. He had a 1.97 GAA in the playoffs for Red Deer. Could be a bit of a late bloomer and picking him in the 6th round would be a sufficient spot for him. It never hurts to add another goalie to the stable, especially one who logged a lot of ice time and had very strong numbers. Bartosak could be this year’s drafted version of Andrey Makarov.


Connor Rankin – 6.0 195 / Left Wing / Tri-City Americans (WHL) / Final CSS Ranking 98
71 GP – 32 goals, 26 assists, 58 points, +9, 34 PIM

Connor Rankin (not related to Amerk Evan Rankin) finished up his third season in the WHL, although this is his first draft-eligible year. Rankin is a two-way forward who plays a pretty simple game and is quite dependable on defense. He is one of Tri-City’s best penalty killers. Connor registered more goals this past season in comparison the previous. He still doesn’t project to be a scoring forward at the next level. His upside is that of a pretty reliable defensive forward.


Wiley Sherman – 6.6 210 / Defenseman / Hotchkiss School (Connecticut) / Final CSS Ranking 104
26 GP – 4 goals, 6 assists, 10 points / Committed to Harvard

Wiley is a big, smooth skating defenseman. He also plays an aggressive game in his own end, punishing the opposition into the wall or in front of the net. Sounds like a combination of Nikita Zadorov and Darnell Nurse. The thing with Wiley Sherman is he’s a raw, project player. He plays a simple defensive game, doesn’t take risks. He won’t project to being any kind of offensive force. Various scouting reports say he plays a pretty mistake-free game. His level of competition isn’t the OHL, like it is for Zadorov and Nurse.





Alex Kile – 5.11 190 / Left Wing / Green Bay Gamblers (USHL) / Final CSS Ranking 136
56 GP – 30 goals, 30 assists, 60 points, +8, 60 PIM / Committed to Michigan

Eligible for the draft last year, Kile produced bigger numbers for Green Bay this past season. That alone will garner some attention of becoming a late round pick. Alex nearly doubled his offensive stats in 2012-13. Displays good offensive traits, puck handling, sets up his teammates with good passes and owns a good shot. He is not an overly aggressive player, but won’t shy away from contact. Prior to the USHL, Alex played for the highly regarded Honeybaked team in Detroit.


Timotej Sille – 6.3 185 / Right Wing / Skalica U-20 (Slovakia) / Final CSS Ranking 42 – European
38 GP – 31 goals, 38 assists, 69 points, +41, 10 PIM

Sille is the highest rated Slovakian player for the upcoming draft. He made the jump from the U-18 team in 2011-12 to the U-20 team and didn’t miss a beat. Slovakia hasn’t been churning out many highly ranked NHL draftees for a few years now, but at this late in the draft, doesn’t hurt to pick a player like Sille, a player who puts up good numbers and has good size.


Nolan De Jong – 6.2 190 / Defenseman / Victoria Grizzlies (BCHL) / Final CSS Ranking 111
51 GP, 5 goals, 19 assists, 24 points, 16 PIM / Committed to Michigan

De Jong is a defensive defenseman who is a project player, albeit one with some talent. He doesn’t initiate play, but thwarts the opposition when they press into the Victoria zone. De Jong is adept at breaking up passes and making the simple plays that are the quality of a defensive defenseman. He is a decent positional player and adequate skater. Offense is not the name of his game. He’s better suited to develop his game in the defensive zone, which is his strong point.


Willie Raskob – 5.10 185 / Defenseman / Shattuck St. Mary’s H.S. (Minnesota) / Final CSS Ranking 178
57 GP, 9 goals, 40 assists, 49 points, 28 PIM / Committed to Minnesota-Duluth

Offense has been the name of the game for Raskob’s four-year tenure with the Shattuck St. Mary’s program. Raskob is a talented, albeit slight of stature defenseman. Is an asset on his team’s power play as he can dish the puck very well and has very good vision, playing a high tempo game. He is a very good puck handler and quick, elusive skater. Just on talent alone he’s worthy of a late round selection.


Jaimen Yakubowski – 5.11 200 / Left Wing / Lethbridge Hurricanes (WHL) / Not Ranked
66 GP – 32 goals, 18 assists, 50 points, -6, 126 PIM

Yet another 30+ goal scorer among the last two rounds of the mock. Yakubowski is different from the others as he’s a hyper-aggressive forward who would like to label the opposition with a big check or get into a scrap as much as scoring a goal. It wouldn’t hurt the Sabres to add more sandpaper into the organization. Yakubowski was draft eligible in 2012. Jumping from 16 goals to 32 will get the attention of NHL teams. Add in the aggressive nature of his game and he could end up being selected towards the end of the draft.

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