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Regehr Says “No” Afterall

The Fan 960 in Calagary is reporting Robyn Regehr has declined to waive his no trade clause. Speculation now that Regehr will accept a trade, even to Buffalo but wants to see if there are going to be any other offers for him. There are all sorts of rumors of the deal. Some of the more reputable sources like Mike Harrington are reporting the Sabres had Chris Butler and Paul Byron on the table for Regehr and Ales Kotalik.

Darren Dreger on TSN reported that Regehr has NOT waived his NTC.

The other rumor making the rounds at the moment is that the Sabres want to move way up in the first round tonight. Time will tell.

Update 7:46 p.m.

Toronto Sun report:

“I can’t waive unless I see options. I had no options, really, other than this deal. There was never anything other than that. It was a yes or no type thing,” said Regehr, who envisioned a dialogue and the ability to work with the Flames to find a deal that worked for both player and team.

That’s still a possibility.

“It’s a huge, important decision. I just wanted to make sure I explore as many options as possible,” said Regehr, who also didn’t rule out the Sabres in the future after having multiple discussions with GM Darcy Regier over the last few days.

“Darcy Regier has been fantastic,” Regehr said.

“We need to explore all our options. It sounds like Buffalo is great … but until we see what’s all out there, we can’t make a real good informed decision that we’re comfortable with.”


Re-Gearing the Roster with Two Regierehrs

That was my contribution to bad newspaper headlines for the day.  Can a man named Darcy convince a man named Robyn to come to Buffalo? The answer to that question should come today. Yesterday the Buffalo Sabres put an undisclosed offer on the table to the Calgary Flames for veteran defense man Robyn Regehr. Regehr has a no trade clause that Calgary has asked him to waive. Regehr decided to sleep on the decision, he’s married and has one kid. By all accounts he loves living “out West” so it’s doubtless a tough decision to uproot himself and his family to come to Buffalo. The working assumption is the decision has to be made before the draft starts if the Sabres’ first round pick is indeed part of the package.

The Sabres’ offer? Rumors fly, as they often do. Some with grounding, many without. So far on the site we have heard the Sabres offered their 1st round pick (16th overall) and Luke Adam. Another package had Mike Weber and a 3rd in this year’s draft going to Calgary. Another has a package of Ennis and Weber, Ennis and a pick, etc. There are also rumors the Sabres would be willing to take former Sabre Cory Sarich should Regehr say no. The deal is in keeping with what we have always said about Regier, he works under the radar. If you hear a rumor of a trade, discount it. 99.9% of the time it’s not going to happen. Regier is one of the few GM’s in the NHL who has the ability to keep his actions secret, leaks generally tend to come from the other end of a potential deal.

If the Sabres do acquire Regehr today it would signal the start of a re-gearing of the defensive corps.  Regehr is a former first round draft pick, that type of thing has always seemed to appeal to Regier.  Regehr may not be the player he one was but he’s still defensively and physically far better than perhaps every defenseman on the Sabres’ roster with the exception of Tyler Myers. Jordan Leopold and Regehr used to be teammates in Calgary. Regier and the Flames have pulled the trigger on a number of deals in the past: 2000 for Sean McMorrow, 2003 for Chris Drury, draft pick swaps in 2005 as well as another deal for Toni Lydman, more draft pick swaps in 2007.  So Calgary is a team Regier is comfortable dealing with and seems to have something of a track record with.   Regehr is 31 years old, an age when many NHL defensemen are still in the prime of their career.  He has two years left on his current contract at $4.02 million per season.  Regehr is very active in Calgary. He donates $75 for every body check he throws to Calgary’s Impact Foundation and is very active with overseas work to help impoverished children.  He’s reported to be a very active outdoorsman and to love snowmobiling.  Would Buffalo’s winters be too warm for him compared to Calgary?


The Sabres are doing their best to convince Regehr to come to Buffalo.  ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reported yesterday that Regier and Pegula have both called Regehr.  Certainly Ted Black’s assertion of “it’s a million little things” will come into play in an attempt to convince Regehr his prospects on the ice are better in Buffalo than in Calgary.  Regehr is no stranger to trade rumors or speculation.  At this year’s trade deadline he said this about his no trade clause:

“I had to sacrifice certain things to get that. If there’s something I don’t really like, I guess, I wouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of it. That’s something I’ve had to give up certain things for. It’s more of a comfortable feeling to have that. If a team is talking to you about that type of stuff, it might be a good situation to go somewhere else. You never know. It’s a very complex kind of thing and one that I haven’t had to discuss yet.”


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